Ship Agency

Our presence in last 27 years at all Greek Ports* means you can always to be assure we shall taking care of your interests, wherever in the port it is you do business. Offering consistency and security in very risky business, our presence bring predictable, uniform, standardized service to you irrespective of where your next port call is.

Heavy Lift – Project Cargoes

Our company is specialized in heavy-lift as well as Projects including factories for dismantling and reconstruction, boats, fixed or mobile cranes, windmills, offering all loading shipments/plans by Naval Architects and specialized loading or unloading personnel. Only in the NKS Agency. For All the Greek Ports

Bunker Call Agency

With your vessels trading throughout the Hellenic Ports , we know that you want every bunker call to occur without a hiccup. With our more that 27 years at Hellenic Ports and dedicated staff in Piraeus / Elefsis port, we provide you with the expertise and efficiency you need.

De-Bunkering, STS Operation Agency

Our office is one of the very few that can offering and arrange everything that need for de- bunkering or STS operation at Anchorage of Piraeus / Elefsis by issuing appropriate permits from local Port Authorities in a very short space of time.


NKS AGENCY provides you Lay up services, at Elefsis Lay-up area. Our dedicated teams support your business with their wealth of knowledge and expertise while our outstanding customer service guarantees the smooth operation of your vessel.

Husbandry Services

Crew Change With the unprecedented volumes handled, we are able to offer not only attractive agency fees, but also significant savings through our accomodation, transportation and Launch hire services. Only in the NKS Agency

Protective agency

We offer protective agency both for shipowners (OPA) and charterers/cargo owners (CPA) to supervise the counterparty’s agent throughout the port call. As protective agents we ensure that your interests are well taken care of. This helps you avoid any conflict of interest that may arise with many stakeholders involved in a port call.

Salvage and Towage

NKS AGENCY offering 24 hours operation Salvage and towing in the unfortunate case of a maritime accident in to Hellenic National Waters. We offer assistance from the most professional perspective to any vessel that is in potential danger, protecting human life and property, as well as minimising potential effects to the environment.

Dry Docking

Choosing a reliable agent is key to optimize the process and avoid conflicting interests between yard and ship owner. The scope of work involved in a dry-docking is complex and involves liaising with various parties - the ship agent has to establish good relations with the relevant Dry-docks


NKS AGENCY  is capable to effectively facilitate and expedite all Ship
functions L/D Dry Cargo , Liquids, Bulk, Project, Heavy Lifts , BUNKERING, DE-BUNKERING, STS, Repairs, Dry Docks, Crew Changes on behalf of owner/Charterer's and/or manager, tailored to their needs and requirements.
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