Latitude 37° 55’ N Longitude 23° 1’ E

Max Draft           Time Zone GMT +2

WorldScale No

Kalamaki is located E of the SE mouth to the Corinth Canal on the N coast of Saronikos Gulf.


General overview

The port provides good shelter from all winds, but violent squalls may be experienced particularly during strong N winds. Port installations are situated on the NE side of the bay, close SE of the village of Kalamaki.

Load line zone: Summer.



Vessels waiting to enter the Corinth Canal may anchor in a waiting anchorage with depths of 11.0-31m, good holding ground. The bottom consists of sand in the centre of the bay and of mud and sand near the shore. Care must be taken not to obstruct the approach to the Corinth Canal, and to avoid a foul area approx 0.3nm ENE of Limeniskos Isthmias Light (37°54.9’N 023°00.6’E). Recommended berths are as follows:

In depths of 29.0-31m, sand, good holding, with Limeniskos Isthmias Light bearing 274° distant approx 0.32nm, a good berth.

In depths of 18.0-22.0m, with Limeniskos Isthmias Light bearing approx 227° distant 0.3nm, suitable for small vessels.

In depths of approx 11.0m, mud, close off the village of Kalamaki, suitable for small craft.

Charts: BA 1600. Admiralty Pilot NP48.