Syros Island is the capital of the Cyclades' Archipelago in the central of Aegean Sea and only a few miles from the Port of Piraeus. This island proved to be the most perfect location for bunkering (at anchorage), provisioning, dry-docking and various other vessel's operations  because it is on the top of the crossroads of numerous international shipping lanes, such as the Mediterranean-Black Sea route, a few hours from the Suez-Gibraltar route and only five hours steaming from the main sea lane to the Adriatic.

On the Island of Syros also located the Neorion Syros Shipyard, offers the following floating dock capacities:

Main Particulars

Floating Dock I

Floating Dock II


75.000 DWT

40.000 DWT

Lifting Capacity

25.000 tons

14.000 tons

Length O.A.

230 metres

195 metres

Max. Vessel Length

245 metres

215 metres

Width Between Walls

35 metres

33.5 metres

Max. Vessel Breadth

32.40 metres

32.40 metres

Pumping time

160 minutes

100 minutes


2 x 10 tons
1 x 25 tons

1 x 15 tons / 1 x 10 tons
1 x 12,5 tons