NKS AGENCY origin from Nikos Kosmidis Shipping Agency   is an independent owned Company based in PIRAEUS, LAVRIO ,ELEFSIS ‎offering Services to the most major HELLENIC PORTS. 

Our Agency is committed to provide a wide range of high standard
services in the Shipping sector, based on the comprehensive knowledge of
the related legislation, the provisions of port authorities and Electronic Customs Declarations / formalities applied as well as of the local market.
Our highly experienced and qualified marine professionals such as Experts in Shipping Marker for over of 30 Years at all PORTS,  are dedicated to
achieve the best possible turnaround of your Vessel 24/7.
NKS AGENCY  is capable to effectively facilitate and expedite all Ship
functions L/D Dry Cargo , Liquids, Bulk, Project, Heavy Lifts , BUNKERING, DE-BUNKERING, STS, Repairs, Dry Docks, Crew Changes on behalf of owner/Charterer's and/or manager, tailored to their needs and requirements.